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Monday, November 2, 2009

RE Freeman

My earliest summer memories were visiting my Grandmother's home. I remember walking into the concrete block building behind her home. They called it the Dairy, as it backed up to the Appalachian Mountains, and was used as a cool place to store the food she canned for winter.

But upstairs was one large room, and, in the center, a large quilting frame. And I, barely tall enough to peek over the edges, ran my fingers along the patchwork as she sewed. My Grandmother's quilts. I still today sleep under her work, and my Mom treasures them. Grandma would take old clothing, any cloth she could cut into pieces and she sewed them together, creating a way to keep her family warm. And, in the process, she was creating a legacy to hand down. My Mom often speaks of how she wishes Grandma was still alive, because the selection of fabrics today would have pleased her beyond words.

My Mom is continuing to pass along bits of knowledge of quilting today, just as she learned from her Mom. While today, the selections of colors and fabrics are almost endless, I do both the long loved traditional patterns as well as some that have new twists on those patterns.

I hope that you enjoy my quilts as much as I do making them.

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Co-op: Holston Mountain Artisans Co-op
Abingdon VA

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