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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Connie Quarrick Hall

Always creative, I’ve never found anything that has given me such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction until I began making jewelry. That I can transform wire and sheet metal into wearable and decorative art, using only my hands and a small assortment of tools, still amazes me.

I’m entirely self-taught, advancing my skills through internet research, reading, and lots of experimentation. I’m willing to jump right in and try new techniques and ideas whenever they pop into my head. For instance, there’s the time when my children and I were making paper origami swans…I got to wondering if I could do one in copper. Next thing I know, there I was, heating copper sheet and folding it into a swan shape…one of my favorite pieces.

I don’t always have a set plan when I sit down to work…often I only have a vague idea of colors or shapes, and then just start playing to see what happens. Many times I’ve ended up with what I call a "happy accident"…something unintended that turns into a work of art!

I receive great satisfaction from the process of creating, and there’s nothing like the reward of seeing my customers wearing a piece of my work, and coming back for more!

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Co-op: Lost River Artisan’s Co-op
Lost River, WV

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