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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Artist Welcome -- How the Gallery Works

Thank you for your interest in participating in The Artist & Artisan Cooperative Gallery! If you have not already, please sign up as an artist or artisan participant. We are eager to hold our Grand Opening and first Auction ASAP. This is a new area for us and we welcome your feedback at

The Gallery is ready and the PR crew is standing by; all we need are some great works of art and handcrafted items to offer.

Specifically, here's what we need from you:

Artist requirements

Artists and artisans are to send the following:
  1. your name as you wish it to appear with your work
  2. artist profile: a brief biographical/professional statement (1-2 paragraphs)
  3. your photograph for your artist profile
  4. name and location of your co-op (unless you already completed the online sign-up form)
  5. description of your co-op
  6. percentage of sales allocated to your co-op. If you do not provide us a required percentage of gross sales, we will send your co-op 5%. If you are unaffiliated, we will retain 5% for cooperative education and development purposes.
  7. complete, professional representation of as many as 3 pieces of your work, including for each piece:
  • jpeg photo(s) (photo title should correspond with piece title)
  • description of piece (we may edit for length)
  • suggested retail price and reserve price (lowest amount to be accepted for auction items)
  • estimated shipping & handling cost. Check shipping rates at or
Please send all of the above to with "submission" and "artist/coop name" in the subject box. Artists & artisans are welcome to also send more photos and even short videos, which we will add to their descriptions at our discretion.

Roles & responsibilities:
All submitted art must be of the highest quality and meet the Gallery’s standards. Items will be posted at CDI’s discretion according to volume, timeliness, or other considerations.

Artists and artisans will complete the paperwork for each sale and ship the item to the buyer. They must agree with their co-op on the percent of proceeds each is to receive.

CDI will maintain the site, publicize and administer the project, conduct PR, and promote and conduct the auctions.

Auctions boost sales, visibility
Auctions will be held several times a year and will feature selected works from artist and artisan cooperatives. These events will be strategically timed and heavily promoted.

CDI will notify artists and artisans of a winning bid and will forward shipping information for each piece that is sold.

The 3-item limit is for the auction; once the auction is over, there may be fewer limits. As soon as we have enough quality items on the site we will hold the first auction!

Mutual benefits: a core co-op concept
CDI will retain 20% of the sale proceeds for each item, after transaction costs, to use for maintaining, expanding and improving the site. If shipping and handling exceed the posted amount, which is paid by the buyers, CDI will make up the difference.

The remaining 80% of the sale price will be sent to the artist or artisan's cooperative. Each co-op will arrange with its members the percentage of a sale price it requires. If the artist does not specify an amount to go to his or her co-op, CDI will automatically send 5%. A fee of 5% will be charged to unaffiliated artists and artisans to support the educational component of the project.

More questions?
Visit our FAQ (coming soon).

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